Prof Heuer wraps up 'landmark' conference

Prof Rolf Heuer at ICHEP 2012


CERN's Director General, Prof Rolf Heuer, closed a week of discovery at ICHEP2012 last night.

The auditorium was full of physicists hanging on his every word as he discussed what had been found and what was to come.

Rolf said these were exciting times: "At the intensity frontier, results from neutrino experiments at reactors open new prospects. At the energy frontier, the LHC brings us into unexplored territory."

He hailed ICHEP2012 as a "landmark conference", due to its opening with CERN's webcast that announced a new particle at 125/126 GeV consistent with Higgs Boson.

The professor joked that despite his personal views, he was careful not to call it "a Higgs", or "the Higgs".

So what's next? Well, there are a few options, and these may depend on what else is found. More research and development is vital.

Whichever paths are taken, Rolf stressed that the projects must be global endeavors.

"We need to present and discuss all these projects in an international context before making choices. We also need to present benefits to society from the very beginning of the project."

He added that as CERN is "opening the door" to members outside Europe, the 'E' now stands for 'everywhere'.

Rolf closed by saying: "With the excellent results at ICHEP, it's the right time for the next steps."

Thu, 12 Jul 2012