New space opened at Melbourne centre

With some of the world's top scientists in town for ICHEP2012, Melbourne opened its new CoEPP space.

In the same week that CERN announced its Higgs Boson findings and the Director General was handed an honourary degree by the University, the area was officially launched.

Centre Manager Dief Alexander said: "It was great to coincide the opening with several key partners from overseas who were visiting for ICHEP."

Also in attendance were staff and reasearchers from the other CoEPP nodes, the IAC and the Vice Chancellor.

"The new space is designed to maximise the bringing together of experimental and theory research groups," said Dief.

The area houses post-doc office space and proffesional staff, as well as featuring point-to-point video conferencing with the Monash, Adelaide and Sydney nodes.

"There are striking particle physics visuals leading into the space, perfectly encapsulating the new direction of particle physics in Australia," Dief added.

The refurbishedment was funded by the University of Melbourne.

(Photos by Laura Vanags)

Thu, 26 Jul 2012