Build your own particle detector from Lego at Collider Exhibition

Want to build your own particle detector from Lego? Visitors to the Sydney Science Festival at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences will have the chance to build Large Hadron Collider (LHC) micro-models from 20-21 August.

This event coincides with the Collider exhibition, on from 6 August–30 October 2016.

It took CoEPP staff days of effort to source the Lego pieces for the models from Europe and they recently arrived at the CoEPP Melbourne Office safe and sound! The CoEPP Melbourne group had some fun sorting the pieces and assembling them together for the exhibition. Both experimentalists and theorists from the group contributed to the construction of the Lego models, just as they work as a team in real life. 

The micro models, designed by Nathan Readioff from the University of Liverpool, include LHC Magnets, CMS Detector, ALICE Detector, ATLAS Detector, and LHCb Detector. One set of the 5 models have been assembled and completed for CoEPP Melbourne. The rest of the pieces for each experiment were packed in bags and will be transported to Sydney for the exhibition, so that everyone who’s interested will be able to have the opportunity to play with these amazing Lego model pieces themselves. Also on the day – the original ATLAS Lego model will be built by the model’s creator, Sascha Mehlhase, with a team of avid Lego enthusiasts.

CoEPP Sydney students and staff will help with the set up and provide guidance for the exhibition. Please remember to drop by if you are in the area.

For more information, please check out:

Theorist and Experimentalist collaborating on the (Lego) ATLAS experiment - 1

LHC magnets - 2

Bags and bags of micro LHC Lego

Sat, 20 Aug 2016