This principal category honours an individual who demonstrates outstanding excellence in science and has made significant national or international contribution to their field of research

Fabiola Gianotti set to take on new role from 2016 as CERN Director General

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Meet our Partner Investigators

Research into the fundamental building blocks of the universe is a global, cooperative venture. The ATLAS collaboration itself has over three thousand physicists from 174 universities in 38 countries. Our international partners work closely with our chief investigators and hail from some of the world’s leading universities. Our current partners are: 

Duke University

Professor Mark Kruse

University of Geneva

Professor Allan Clark


National Institute of Nuclear Physics

Professor Chiara Meroni

University of Pennsylvania

Professor Mark Trodden

University of Freiburg

Professor Karl Jakobs

University of Cambridge

Professor M. A. Parker

University of Minnesota

Professor Tony Gherghetta